What It’s Like Living In 州长俱乐部 In 田纳西州的布伦特伍德

Felix Homes | 2021年5月28日

想知道过名人的生活是什么感觉吗? 去看看里面有什么 州长俱乐部 位于美丽的城郊 田纳西州的布伦特伍德! 这个封闭的社区,由 24小时安全,是奢侈生活的定义.


州长俱乐部 was built upon a detailed history that dates back hundreds of years. Constructed upon farmland originally purchased by Colonel 文斯蒂德 in 1799, the famous 愉快的希尔大厦 1854年,上校的儿子约翰. 文斯蒂德. 145年过去了, 这个巨大的, 600英亩的占地面积被出售, 发展到现代 州长俱乐部和高尔夫球场 在20世纪90年代末. 的 historic homes of Pleasant Hill and 文斯蒂德 Log Cabin have been preserved as part of Tennessee's intricate history.


州长俱乐部是独家新闻, 充满了上流社会的郊区社区, 新建的房子. 这个豪华的, elegant atmosphere is quiet and spacious enough for retirees, 同时也提供了一个非常安全的, 欢迎家庭的环境. 有很多便利设施, 州长俱乐部提供一流的, 奢华的氛围结合精心策划, meticulously designed neighborhood that showcases some of Tennessee's most ornate houses. This prestigious and decadent establishment is highly coveted because of its close proximity to downtown Nashville, 顶级学区安全的地理位置,美丽的郊区风景.



Residents of 州长俱乐部 don’t even need to leave their neighborhood to have a fine dining experience! 的 帕默餐厅 提供经典的南方食物与高档的扭曲. 这家时髦的餐馆供应早餐, 午餐, 晚餐, 和酒吧的食物, 提供各种口味口味的美食. 帕尔默餐厅也为居民提供了一个 广泛的葡萄酒选择. For a more casual dining experience, residents can dine at the 19洞格栅或户外湖景阳台.

For those looking to check out the dining scene nearby, local favorites such as Tupelo Honey, J. 亚历山大牛排,乔纳森牛排,叶茨牛排,康纳牛排 & Seafood are just a few of the numerous restaurants located a little over 6 miles away from the neighborhood. Residents can also snack on a sweet treat that’s within walking distance at Backhaus, a German bakery offering freshly baked breads, pizza doughs, and delectable cakes.

While Brentwood is not known for its thriving nightlife scene, as it is a quieter neighborhood with a focus on restaurants, 公园, 和白天的活动, 从这里到bet36备用网市中心很方便, a city that harbors an overwhelming variety of entertainment and vibrant nightlife.


的re are plenty of amenities offered directly within 州长俱乐部 - a huge perk of residing in this community.

高尔夫爱好者可以尝试 18洞的高尔夫球场, designed by golf legend Arnold Palmer, and located on a sprawling 200 acres. 另外, this club offers a full driving range and 2 putting greens to provide golfers with extra opportunities to fine-tune their skills. 以前从来没有事物? 不要担心, 教师是可用的 适用于各种年龄和技能水平.

家庭, 夫妻, and retirees alike especially enjoy relaxing at the club’s luxurious pool and cabana bar. A small splash pool is available for children and lifeguards are constantly on duty to put the minds of anxious parents at ease.

居民的理事俱乐部也可以漫步 步行小径蜿蜒在这片618英亩的土地上, 在湖边凉亭边放松,去钓鱼, 打一场网球, 或在熏制室健身中心锻炼.

A popular outdoor activity for Governors Clubs residents - particularly families - is spending a few hours at 猫头鹰溪公园这条路开3分钟就到了. This park offers plenty of pretty green spaces and walking paths, 还有一个游乐场, 篮球场, 和野餐避难所. 另一个受欢迎的公园是 克罗克特公园,距州长俱乐部仅6分钟车程. 的 Eddy Arnold Amphitheater is the main draw of this area, 夏季经常举办音乐会. 克罗克特公园也是飞盘高尔夫球场的所在地, 一个精心设计的操场, 网球场和运动场, and the Williamson County Parks and Recreation Indoor Soccer Facility.

最受欢迎的购物地点是 酷泉广场位于该社区西南7英里处. This mall and surrounding area is the location of popular chain stores - such as Macy’s, 坛就状态, 永远的21岁, 和Williams-Sonoma -以及独特的当地商店.

此外,总监扶轮社的居民也可以参观 愉快的希尔大厦, a historical site that is often utilized as a wedding venue.


If you’re interested in calling 州长俱乐部 your new home, be prepared for exorbitant prices. In the past 12 months, the least expensive home sold here was priced at $750,000. 的 average price to snag a home in 州长俱乐部 is a cool $1,596,438, 而中值大约是1美元,557,500. Home prices can potentially skyrocket as high as $5,000,000. 房子很宽敞, 提供多达7间卧室以及大院子, 平均7岁左右,000平方英尺. 这些房子都是新建的,设计独特. 精致的石雕, 白色的柱子, 庭院, 炮塔, and balconies are common features of these mansions and showcase some of Tennessee's best Southern architecture, 从古典风格到现代风格. Despite the low property tax of Williamson County and no state tax in Tennessee, the cost of living at 州长俱乐部 is exceedingly high because of these expensive housing prices, making this area suitable only for those with near-unlimited budgets.

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如果你在找保险箱, 高档社区,提供大量的设施, 华丽的房子, and provides convenient access to downtown while simultaneously being a quiet haven, 州长俱乐部可能很适合你! If you can afford the fees that inevitably come with joining a luxurious club and maintaining one of these spacious homes, 这片区域很有可能.


Q. How far away is 州长俱乐部 from downtown Nashville?

A. This neighborhood is located approximately 17 miles directly south of downtown. With convenient access to major interstate I-65, this 20-minute commute is fairly straightforward.

Q. 住在总监俱乐部的利与弊是什么?

A. 州长俱乐部有很多专业人士. 它的位置美丽而安静, 一流的设施, location in one of the nation’s most prestigious school districts, 方便购物和娱乐, and safe environment are all huge perks of living in this community. 的 main con of living in this neighborhood is the astronomical costs that bar most budgets. 另外, many potential residents are deterred by the exclusive nature of this community and the overly-manicured appearance of the neighborhood.

Q. 谁应该考虑住在总监俱乐部?

A. This neighborhood is an excellent option for families and retirees because of its optimal location and the safety that is afforded by a gated community. 然而, potential residents must absolutely have high incomes with a large budget allocated for homeownership.

Q. 名人住在州长俱乐部吗?

A. 是的! 超级明星 布莱克·谢尔顿和米兰达·兰伯特 have previously called this neighborhood home, while country music legend 凯莉·安德伍德 currently resides in this community with her husband Mike Fisher.