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Buying a home can be stressful, emotional, time-consuming, and expensive, especially if it's your first time! Between the realtor commission, closing costs, and moving costs it's no wonder why most people fear the process of buying or selling a home. Believe it or not, some of the most common questions we get asked center around real estate agent commission rates both for the home buyer and seller. For instance, many of our clients ask us - are commission rates negotiable, who pays the buyer agent commission, and is a home buyer rebate legal? 在这些话题上有很多错误的信息,但我们在这里消除误会.

What Does A Buyer's Agent Do?

As unconventional as this may sound, the reality is, when it comes to being a real estate agent, buyer agents don't do all that much these days.

What did a buyer's agent do before the internet?

Rewind the clock 15 or 20 years, and yes, 这些代理人为购房者忙得不可开交. 他们会用一个大活页夹填满待售房产. 网上什么都没有,所以如果购房者想知道有哪些库存, they would first call up a realtor who would manually look through their binder and pick a few properties that met the buyer's needs.

If the potential home buyer was then interested in making an offer on the property, doing a comparable market analysis wasn't as easy as it is today. The same agent would have to seek out all of the recent comps in their binder to manually compute their opinion of the home's value. These old-school agents didn't even have electronic signature software so every time a document needed to be signed by the home buyer meant hopping in their car and driving over to their client. With all this work, buyer agent commission rebates were never brought up until the advent of technology caused a huge shift in the industry.

What did a buyer's agent do after the internet?

In today's technological age, 很多手工的bet36备用网方代理任务都可以通过点击鼠标来完成, or simply by scrolling on your phone. 互联网和应用程序让购房者可以做大部分的工作! bet36备用网家可以预先选择他们的“要求”,和 home-search website 会自动显示在他们想要的地区,满足这些要求的房子吗.

如果你想要4间卧室,有一个过滤器. 如果你需要一个可停放两辆车的车库,有一个过滤器. All you need to do is ask your realtor to unlock the front door so you can see if the pictures live up to the hype! 如果你有兴趣bet36备用网房的话, your agent can easily do a comparable market analysis to determine what a fair price for the home should be. 不再需要手动计算这些临界数字! 难怪bet36备用网方代理通常会把一部分佣金回扣给bet36备用网方.

Should I Use A Buyer Agent Or Represent Myself?

Don't get us wrong, a buyer's agent is still helpful, and we encourage you to work with one. 毕竟,bet36备用网房可能是你最大的投资. It's good to have a professional in your corner to help answer any of the questions you may have and help you negotiate the purchase. But the reality is, in today's technology-driven world, bet36备用网方代理人的价值还不到最终成交价的3%. 这就是为什么很多人开始向房地产中介要求购房退税的原因.

What Is The Buyer Agent Commission?

The buyer agent commission is the fee the agent charges who helps their client (the buyer) with the process of buying a home. 在田纳西州,bet36备用网方代理佣金通常是3%. Considering how the internet has allowed the homebuyer to do much of the home searching themselves, the 3% commission seems drastically inflated, right?

Who Pays The Buyer Agent Commission?

Any rational person would suggest that the seller would pay for the listing agent commission, and the buyer pays the buyer agent commission. This is a big misconception. As the home seller, 你方负责支付bet36备用网方和卖方的代理佣金!

On average, this is a total of 6% of the purchase price in commission fees the seller ends up paying. bet36备用网家的代理人收取3%的费用,挂牌经纪人也将收取3%的费用. 对于一套40万美元的房子来说,这相当于2.4万美元的经纪人佣金. That's a lot of money by any standards.

Just because the buyer does not have to pay out of pocket to use the services of a buyer's agent doesn't mean they are free. A simple economics course would teach you that the buyer's agent commission is factored into the sales price. This is why so many buyers attempt to bypass the services of an agent to get a better price. Luckily, with a home buyer rebate, home buyers can have their cake and eat it too by both saving money thanks to the commission rebate and also benefitting from the experience of a licensed agent.

What Is A Home Buyer Rebate?

A home buyer rebate is when a buyer's agent gives their client back a portion of their commission they receive from the seller. 对于第一次bet36备用网房的人,可以考虑佣金回扣,就像信用卡上的现金返还. For instance, if a buyer's agent collected a 3% commission, or $12,000, they may elect to keep $6,然后给他们的客户6美元的佣金回扣,000. bet356手机可能会决定这样做作为一种表示感谢的方式, a simple thank you, or as a way to get more clients! 佣金回扣使代理商可以争夺bet36备用网方的业务, not just on the level of service they provide but also the price they charge for that service. It's a win-win!

The concept of a buyer's commission rebate has become increasingly popular in recent years as buyers understand that they take on more of the legwork in the home search process. 随着房价持续上涨,bet36备用网家也明白这一点, especially in the Nashville area, a 3% commission on a $100,1980年,000美元的房子比400美元3%的佣金要少得多,000 home today.


在这个国家的绝大多数地区(目前50个州中的40个), rebates are legal meaning agents are able to give any amount of their commission back to their clients. 这种独特的商业模式可以为购房者节省数千美元. Many buyers ask for a commission rebate as they realize there isn't a great deal of work that goes into representing them in this modern era. They also understand that the job of a buyer's agent has gotten more efficient through technology and the internet.

What are the rules in Tennessee?

田纳西州是10个禁止代理商给bet36备用网家回扣的州之一. 虽然这听起来很疯狂,但这是绝对的事实. According to the Tennessee Real Estate Commission (TREC) and the Tennessee Association of Realtors, an agent is not allowed to give a commission rebate to their client nor are they allowed to directly pay for their client's closing costs. At Felix Homes, we are actively working on fighting for a change to this outdated law by starting a petition that we encourage you to sign.


只有10个州不允许给bet36备用网家回扣. These states are:

  • Alaska
  • Alabama
  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Louisiana
  • Missouri
  • Mississippi
  • Oklahoma
  • Oregon
  • Tennessee

Infographic depicting a map of the United States showing the states where a buyer's agent commission rebate is legal

虽然代理人把一部分佣金给bet36备用网方是不合法的, the commission rate can still be negotiated. There is no law mandating that the buyer's agent must take 3% of the purchase price as their commission. As a buyer, you should certainly ask your agent to take a lower commission which can make your offer look more appealing to a home seller. 虽然这和你bet36备用网房子时拿回现金不完全一样, asking your buyer's agent to reduce their commission is in effect the same as a commission rebate.

Does Felix Homes Offer A Rebate?

Our real estate brokerage believes the Tennessee law making it illegal to give a commission rebate is absolutely crazy! 房地产交易过程非常昂贵, 许多客户为了有足够的钱bet36备用网一套房子而积攒多年. 不仅如此,佣金回扣在50个州中的40个州是合法的.

In Tennessee, instead of offering a cash back style rebate, our process looks a little different. 而不是要求卖方支付3%的佣金时,我们代表bet36备用网方, we ask for just 1.5%. Since we are reducing our commission in half, 我们在所有的报价中都包含这样的语言:1.卖方必须支付5%作为bet36备用网方的成交费用. 实际上,这和传统的佣金回扣是一样的. If you plan on purchasing a home for $400,000, you'll end up saving $6,000 off your closing costs. 我不知道你怎么想,但这是一次有意义的拯救. 这是一个完全合法的法律漏洞 我们是田纳西州唯一这么做的经纪人!

How Can Felix Homes Help?

Felix Homes is a Nashville-based low-commission real estate brokerage. We work with both buyers and sellers and help keep more profit in your pocket on each real estate transaction.

我们不仅收取bet36备用网方一半的费用,我们还收取一套公寓 1% commission fee when we sell a home for our clients. 当客户选择在Felix挂牌出售他们的房子时,我们平均帮助他们节省8,100美元. Our clients are able to save on commissions and use that cash for other important expenses such as a home renovation, family vacation, or downpayment on their dream home!

Why Do We Charge 1%?

这是一个很常见的问题,我们也喜欢回答这个问题! The fact of the matter is, 我们相信技术改变了房地产行业, 但传统的bet356手机收取更高的佣金,原因显而易见. Many years ago, 支付6%的佣金可能是合适的, 但在当今这个有很多房地产应用的世界里, online photos, home search websites, and virtual tours, that fee is no longer needed.

此外,bet36备用网的平均房价也在飞涨. 40万美元的佣金远远高于10万美元的房子. 6%的佣金率相对没有变化, 但是所有组成比率的变量(努力和价格)都发生了变化!

Above And Beyond

当你选择与他们一起工作时,你可以期望得到更少的报酬 Felix Homes, but don't expect any degradation of service. We are a complete, full-service realtor that leverages a talented role-based team to help buy the home that's just right or help you sell your existing home. We have a team of employees, not independent contractors, that handle all of our marketing, photography, social media, and technology, 能让我们的探员百分之百地关注你吗.

如果你在田纳西州,打算bet36备用网房, or interested in selling your current home, contact us. We represent both the buyer and the seller and would be more than happy to help answer any of your real estate questions or needs, provide you with more information, and assist you with any real estate transaction. Drop us a line at or send us an email at contact@delta-alarm.com.

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